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Catastrophic Injuries are those that are so serious they change their victims for life. Being victim to a catastrophic injury may mean having permanent cognitive or bodily injuries that affect your ability to live your life in your normal way. While other injuries may heal over time and allow you to return to your normal way of life, catastrophic injuries are often life-altering and may require the victim to hire assistance, full-time nursing help, or even quit their jobs.

A Catastrophic Injury means that you have lost a significant part of who you are. Some common types of catastrophic injuries include:
  • Head or Traumatic Brain Injuries – Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) often happen during accidents, particularly in slip and fall or car accidents. Brain injuries can have serious effects on your ability to concentrate on tasks, communicate effectively, and even form or recall memories.
  • Burns – Some burns are minor and only require cold water and care for healing. Others cause extensive damage to tissue and muscle that require skin grafting and constant attention in order to heal and may leave scarring that lasts your entire life.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – When your neck or back are jolted violently delicate nerves can be damaged and cause permanent injuries and even paralysis. People who have been paralyzed require constant medical care, physical therapy, equipment (like wheelchairs, specialized beds), and more.
  • Amputations – The loss of a limb in an accident can be physically and emotionally traumatizing. Victims need to learn new ways of functioning and must adapt to the new ways their body works and moves. Some may need to have specialty equipment installed to allow them to function normally and may even need to change their lifestyles and even their careers.
Whether it’s your ability to think clearly, a severe burn, or even an entire limb, finding a team who can help you and can advocate for your rights is important. Any accident can lead to a catastrophic injury. Make sure you have a team on your side who has dealt with catastrophic injuries before.

Is there a need to hire an attorney for my lawsuit?

It is highly encouraged that a victim with a catastrophic injury hires an attorney for representation during the lawsuit. An attorney can provide assistance in building a strong case, offer counsel along the way, and fight for your behalf in court. Help from an attorney can be what increases your chances of the financial award you need to recover from such a setback. Contact a seasoned attorney for a free consultation. Get on the road to healing as soon as possible by recovering as best possible without delay. As a victim of a serious accident, you deserve compensation for your losses. We truly believe this and can work alongside you from the beginning to the end to help you receive compensation. With our years of experience, and passion for this field of work, call Chad Barr Law today at 407-599-9036.

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