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Injured in a Car Accident in Florida?

There are nearly 1000 accidents every day on Florida roads. Almost 600 of them result in an injury and several of them are fatal. The first thing you need to know about all crash-related injuries is your need to seek medical attention, even if you don’t immediately feel pain. Some injuries, and their symptoms, don’t show up for hours or even days.

Additionally, if you are in a car accident in Florida, there are laws, like the PIP Statute, that require your car insurance to cover a portion of your medical bills. However, there are time limits you need to adhere to in order to ensure you’re covered by those laws.

If you or a loved one are injured in a car accident, you should seek the assistance of our experienced car accident law firm. Drivers who are inattentive and negligent are more likely to cause accidents. We work hard to ensure those injured in car accidents receive the compensation they deserve.

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Car Accidents in Florida

Despite fewer people on the road in 2020, there were actually more fatal accidents than in years past. 2021 has already shown to be worse, even with only partial data being reported. The trend also seems to be increasing.

Despite better technology in cars, including more safety features, additional alerts, and even automated steering and stopping, traffic accidents have been on the rise for the last several years.

Chad Barr Law represents those who are injured in accidents on Florida’s roads. We understand that these accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death and we work hard to represent the rights of those who were injured. Whether you were behind the wheel of a vehicle, a passenger, or even a bystander pedestrian, we can help you receive the compensation you deserve for any medical bills, lost wages, or other deserved compensation.

Our Florida car accident attorneys know what you need to do to ensure you’re interests are represented. We understand the legal system and how it works and will use that knowledge for you. We will walk you through every step of the legal follow-up that needs to happen after any car accident and will help explain your rights and make sure you understand the best option for you and your family.


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Florida Car Accident Lawyers

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If you were injured in an accident while driving in Florida you have the right to seek compensation from the person or company who caused that accident to happen. Our attorneys know how to navigate the legal system and can walk you through your options and how to properly follow up to ensure the guilty party is held accountable for their actions.





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