• No lunch break?  You may be entitled to back pay

    February 23, 2016 | Chad Barr
  • A recent news article out of Hawaii caught my attention about the Honolulu Board of Water Supply being ordered to pay up by the federal government for denying workers lunch breaks. It should catch your attention too. Here’s why:

    The U.S. Labor Department investigation, which started in 2013, involved 15 Hawaii Water Board workers who check water meters and analyze customer water bills.  Federal investigators said the workers would sometimes eat and work at the same time, or disregard their lunch until they finished their work day.  Meanwhile, the Water Board would automatically deduct a half hour for the workers’ meal breaks, regardless of whether they took them or not.

    The investigation revealed that workers weren’t taking their meal breaks two to three times a week, and weren’t paid for their overtime hours.  As a result, the 15 Water Board workers were paid $16,152 in unpaid overtime wages.

     This case has a broader lesson for other employers, especially those with lots of workers in the field.  A meal break, under federal law, consists of 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, which means at least a half hour removed from your assigned duties and responsibilities

    Is your employer living up to these standards? If not, I can help!

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